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Please feel free to contact me with any queries or if you are interested in availing of my free consultation.

Services Offered


Individual Coaching

One on One in-person and virtual Life-Coaching sessions.


Individual Guided Meditation

One on One in person and virtual guided meditation sessions which include mindfulness exercises.


Group Meditation

Group and Organizational guided meditation and mindfulness workshops.

Consultation Process

How it Works?

Step 1

Schedule an appointment

Fill in the short form and I’ll get back to you. Then we can make arrangements to chat online or meet up. 


Step 2

Let’s find a solution

We can discuss your individual needs and budget and customise a programme specifically for you.

About me


Patrick Thomas is a Certified Life Coach and Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, but those are just job titles. A better description of Patrick is that he’s a compassionate person who understands people. He understands that life is challenging, and it can leave you feeling confused, frustrated, overwhelmed, and just downright tired. This is why Patrick is dedicated to helping you, help yourself, towards a more purposeful, peaceful, and happier mindset.

As a Life Coach, Patrick can help you to identify your aspirations, overcome your obstacles, and create actionable plans for the advancement of your growth, both personal and professional. Patrick’s mission is to empower you to unlock your full potential, using various coaching methodologies and providing compassionate support as you journey through self-discovery.

As a Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, Patrick expertly guides you through various meditations and breath work that help you to cultivate peace and gain clarity and wisdom, while quieting the mind, and reducing stress and anxiety. The mindfulness exercises that Patrick offers can bring you a newfound sense of enjoyment and appreciation towards your everyday activities.

Patrick is familiar with life’s major challenges and traumas, all of which led him on a journey of spiritual awakening, self-actualization, and life-changing personal growth. He left behind his corporate career to gain an understanding of the mind and human behaviour and dived into studying Psychology, Buddhism, and Meditation & Mindfulness.

Patrick has achieved diplomas in:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Positive Psychology
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Sports Psychology
  • Meditation & Mindfulness Teaching

But it’s Patrick’s warmth and humanistic approach that makes the difference when working with him.

If you’re ready to take the first step on the journey to a more fulfilling, peaceful, and happier life, then contact Patrick to schedule a complimentary consultation and take the Pat To Happiness.

Patrick Thomas

My new book

Coming Soon

Coming later this year, the ultimate meditation and mindfulness based self-help book. Patrick takes everything he has learned through his own major life challenges, his studies, his successes, and his failures and transforms them into this wonderful guide that will leave you feeling peaceful, loved and ultimately…happy!


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